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About Golgi

Our Philosophy

The Golgi Clinic mission is to provide professional, thoughtful, holistic health care to its patients. The following reflect our mission:

Dr. Jeffrey Friess

Dr. Jeffrey Friess is a board-certified, licensed naturopathic physician. He specializes in treating children, teens and adults, with a focus toward chronic disease. Dr. Friess employs many therapies including: biotherapeutic drainage, craniosacral therapy, and naturopathic structural manipulation.

Get to know him and you realize, Dr. Friess is all about medicine of the heart. He engages each of his patient's with refreshing honesty and a willingness to think outside the box. He cultivates a space for patients to explore the underlying nature of their health concerns and believes there is inherent wisdom within each patient. Symptoms are viewed as tools to address imbalance, rather than problems to be eradicated.

Most importantly, Dr. Friess understands that true healing necessitates a long-term relationship; it requires participation and commitment from both doctor and patient. The outcome is a journey to wellness unlike others.

Dr. Teresita Martinez

Dr. Teresita Martinez is a board-certified, licensed naturopathic physician, former biologist and mother. She practices preventive family medicine with a focus on pediatrics and women's health. From the smallest complaint to more complex chronic conditions, expect to be treated as an individual...the focus is on you, not a disease.

Dr. Martinez's warm, genuine presence engages and empowers her patients to truly transform their health by taking an active role in their well-being. Whether it is a day-old infant, a new mom, or a woman transitioning through life stages, she stresses the importance of honoring natural processes—miraculous healing doesn't usually happen overnight. It requires a foundation for cure that supports the body's inherent processes and removes profound obstacles to cure.


Offer excellence in the diagnosis, management and treatment of disease.

Serve as both teacher and physician, allowing the patient to find autonomy and investment with their health care.

Practice individualized patient care where the root cause of each patient's health challenges are addressed.

Promote community-inspired environmental awareness and preventive medicine through sound lifestyle choices.