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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect my first visit?

The Golgi Clinic is a naturopathic primary care clinic in downtown Missoula. Each visit, our doctors take time to hear your concerns and create a unique treatment plan, focused on addressing your concerns. During this visit, your doctor may perform necessary physical exams or request lab work.

What is Golgi's cancellation/rescheduling policy?

To help us better serve our patients, the clinic requires 24-hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Less than 24-hours notice will be charged a $50 fee. Please call us at (406) 541-8886, should you wish to change or cancel your appointment; we do not accept email notifications as we check this infrequently.

What are follow-up visits like?

Follow-up visits are tailored to provide patients with consistent care. The frequency of visits can vary depending on the nature of your particular health concern.

What services do you provide?

Golgi is a family care practice. We work with patients of all ages for any health concern. Start with a visit to our Services page. Then, should you wish to speak to us about your individual needs, please call our clinic and we will be happy to assist you.

Does Golgi accept health insurance?

Yes. The Golgi Clinic is proud to partner with BlueCross BlueShield, PacificSource, Cigna, Allegiance and MT Health Co-op health plans to provide in-network health care. These insurance plans cover many costs of your office visit including lab work and imaging, minus the co-pay or co-insurance once your plan requirements are met. Supplies, such as homeopathics and nutritional supplements are not covered unless otherwise stated on your insurance plan.

For other insurance plans and FSA eligible patients, we provide you with a super bill to submit for reimbursement. Regardless of your plan, please verify your insurance coverage before your scheduled appointment. Consider using this Insurance Benefits Questionnaire form to help you determine what coverage your insurance offers for our services.

Where should I park?

We strongly encourage the use of eco-friendly transportation, providing bicycle parking both in front and behind our building. There is limited metered car parking in front of the building and substantially more parking in the Caras Park Pavilion lot behind our building.

What if I live outside of Missoula and want an appointment?

No problem. We work with patients all over the country and in Europe! We use both Skype and phone to facilitate appointments. If you already use Skype, add your doctor (see below) to your list of contacts and download our Skype with Golgi form. Download the Skype application here. However, if you prefer to have your appointment by phone,  we can do that too.

What is the Skype username for Dr. Friess or Dr . Martinez?

You can add the Golgi doctors to your Skype account by searching for either: DrJeffreyFriess or DrTMartinez.

Will my doctor interact with my other providers?

Yes. Our doctors communicate relevant medical history, with the patient's consent, to their other health care providers. This allow us to coordinate care and ensure that all areas of well-being are addressed.

What is Golgi doing for the environment?

We encourage all our suppliers to mind their carbon footprint when shipping products. We recycle all our office paper and reuse sterilized glass containers when possible for homeopathics and flower essence remedies. The Golgi Clinic is aware of its impact on the environment and so, we continually strive to improve.

What is "Golgi"?

In cellular biology, the golgi apparatus organizes and packages material for use inside and outside the human cell. Without it, the cell would fall into chaos. The function of our doctors is much like that of the golgi apparatus—to help transform and move our patients toward optimum health.