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Board Certified Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Jeffrey Friess specializes in solving complex cases of chronic disease. In addition to being a licensed primary care physician, Dr. Friess is trained in numerous treatment modalities including: biotherapeutic drainage, craniosacral therapy, and applied kinesiology.

Get to know him and you realize, Dr. Friess is all about medicine of the heart. He engages each of his patients with refreshing honesty and a willingness to think outside the box. He cultivates a space for patients to explore the underlying nature of their health concerns and believes there is inherent wisdom within each patient. Symptoms are viewed as tools to address imbalance, rather than problems to be eradicated.

Most importantly, Dr. Friess understands that true healing necessitates a long-term partnership--requiring dedicated participation and commitment from both doctor and patient. The outcome is a journey to wellness unlike any other.

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Board Certified Naturopathic Physician

Sit with Dr. Martinez for a few moments and you’ll soon understand why her patients love her.  Embracing a warm and calm demeanor, she provides the perfect environment for patients to explore their health challenges. Dr. Martinez practices the art of listening, ensuring her patients feel not only heard but fully engaged with their own healthcare. 

As a trained biochemist, Dr. Martinez easily combines sound scientific research with the therapeutic principles of nature cure.  With an expertise in women's medicine, she understands the underlying complexities that contribute to hormonal imbalances, and uses functional testing to better pinpoint treatment.

A dedicated mother of two, Dr. Martinez loves working with children. Practicing the preventative medicine model, Dr. Martinez helps her younger patient population navigate the developmental stages of childhood, setting them up for success as they grow older.

In an era of healthcare where everything has become too impersonal and rushed, Dr. Martinez offers something different. With patience and compassion, she inspires her patients to harness their truest potential and retain balance once again.

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  • To provide professional, thoughtful, holistic healthcare where patients feel heard 

  • Offer excellence in the diagnosis, management and treatment of disease

  • Serve as both physician and teacher, allowing each patient to find autonomy and investment in their own healthcare

  • Practice individualized patient care and address the root cause of disease

  • Promote community through environmental and social programs

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