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As board-certified Naturopathic Physicians, we work with patients of all ages, addressing an array of medical conditions.  When your child has that pesky cough or flu, we've got your covered.  In additon, we excel at solving complicated, chronic cases through a multifaceted, holistic approach.  Utilizing cutting edge laboratory testing, we're able to create comprehensive treatment plans that optimize overall physiology.

A light-touch, energetic therapy that restores balance back to the body.  Working with the rhythms of the Cerebrospinal fluid, the treatment promotes a wonderful sense of well being.  From headaches to anxiety, this elegant modality is truly effective.

IV Therapy delivers essential nutrients when patients feel that they just need that extra push in life.  

Our tailored IV push includes: Methylcobalamin (B12), B6, B5, Vitamin C, B-Complex, Glutathione, Magnesium, Calcium, Selenium and Vitamin D3. Single vitamin injections and are also available.

KETO 101

Many diets are hard to commit to long-term.  They leave us feeling hungry and tired. And ultimately, it's hard to keep the weight off.
The Ketogenic Diet offers something more sustaining.  The results within a short period of time can be amazing.  But it takes some careful preparation and guidance, especially in the beginning.  Dr. Martinez knows the diet.  She has done the diet.  She'll help set you up for success!


Led by the clinic's own Dr. Martinez, this comprehensive cleanse enhances the body's natural detox pathways. Unlike other cleanses that leave you starving and tired, Dr. Martinez helps to create a gourmet, nourishing menu that is both realistic and delicious. This is truly a different model of detox!

For even faster results, cleanse patients are encouraged to get annual blood work and food intolerance testing prior to starting.

Individual cleanse programs and group programs are available.


Well Woman Exams: This comprehensive exam includes a Pap smear, breast exam, and full physical.

We also offer fertility awareness appointments, intrauterine insemination, contraceptive education, management of cervical dysplasia and referrals to a variety of imaging specialists in and around Montana.

If you're due for annual blood work, schedule a blood draw with the clinic one week prior to your annual exam. 

The clinic also offers Well-Child Exams, Sports Physicals, and Men's Health Exams.


This protocol enhances the therapeutic goals of conventional radiation therapy, while protecting the patient against oxidative damage.  Designed to enhance detox pathways, the patient usually moves through the six weeks of radiation treatment with more energy and very few side effects, if any.

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All blood work is performed here at the clinic. Just imagine an environment where you can relax, listen to music, and (finally) enjoy a blood draw! We offer a full spectrum of screening and diagnostic testing including: CBC, Metabolic Panels, MTHFR screening, Vitamin Panels, Anemia Panels, Celiac Panels, Cardiac Health Panels, Thyroid Panels, and Homocysteine, and many more!


We work with a variety of labs including DUTCH, ZRT Labs and Genova Diagnostics.  The information these labs provides assures the best possible progression for our patients.
In addition, many lab tests utilize urine, saliva and fingerstick (blood spot) so that the collection can be done in the comfort of your home.


Identifying potential food allergens is the cornerstone of redefining a healthy gut microbiome. We have evaluated hundreds of labs and collection methods, and found that the IgG4 and Leukocyte Histamine Response tests offer the most accurate results for pinpointing food allergies.


Most often basic stool testing doesn't give the full picture. Through the labs, Genova Diagnostics and Doctors Data, we offer 360º Comprehensive Microbiome testing that can be collected at home.  These tests utilize PCR DNA, which is sensitive for the detection of both parasites and bacteria.  Furthermore, these labs provide an overview of fungal imbalance, digestive enzyme health, and the detection of IBS and IBD markers.


Our most in-depth panel, the NutrEval provides invaluable insight into vitamin and mineral deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, digestive microbiome imbalance, and fatty acid utilization. Ideal for athletes and those wishing to optimize energy consumption and utilization.


We suspect heavy metal endocrine disruption whenever a patient presents with fatigue or unexplained hypothyroid disease. Our heavy metal testing accurately assess levels of toxic metals without provocation, which can drive worsened symptoms.

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